Join the hundreds of motivated volunteers who generously contribute their time and energy to the C2I community. We welcome highly motivated volunteers who exude passion for our people-driven mission and the products we sell. We offer rewarding opportunities at our warehouse in Mai Chau, and throughout our retail stores network.

Store Volunteers

To learn more about volunteering at the store location nearest you, please contact the store manager directly, or inquire in person at any of our store locations.

Warehouse Volunteers

There are also opportunities for groups and individuals to assist at our warehouse in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh located about 150 kilometers away from our Head Office in Hanoi. Volunteers may participate for a few hours, a few days, or on a regular (weekly or daily) basis. We use volunteer support to unpack merchandise, count and check products for damage, and prepare merchandise to be added to inventory before being shipped to our stores and delivered to customers.

Hours: Volunteer groups or individuals work during daytime hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Group size: We accommodate groups of up to 07 people, depending on availability of work and of staff supervision.

Seasonal changes:
During low volume periods, work may not be available to all interested volunteers. Peak volumes typically occur during May - September, and lowest volumes during January - April.

To inquire further about volunteering at our warehouse, please contact us at 84-4 3 748 0208

* Age requirement: Minimum age for volunteers is 18 years.

Short-term Volunteer Program (Warehouse & Head Office)

C2I has opportunities for energetic and outgoing volunteers who wish to make a full-time commitment for 02-04 months. Short-term volunteers work mainly in the shipping operations of our warehouse during the busy fall season, picking and packing orders shipped to stores and Fairs. They receive housing, lunch and a modest monthly stipend. Occasionally, there are also opportunities for volunteers to work on short-term assignments in our Head Office in Hanoi.

* Housing is provided for volunteers who are not local. Noon meals provided for all volunteers.

To learn more about participating in any of the above short-term volunteer programs at C2I, please contact

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