Craft to INSPIRE Social Enterprise (C2I) was started as an endeavor to connect disabled artisans with their customers by promoting their unique, beautiful handicraft products.


Our objective is to find the markets for products made by ethnic artisans in mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam such as Hoa Binh, Ha Giang provinces. We focus on providing handicraft products (bags, scarves, kitchenwares and bed stuffs) from cotton fabric, hemp fabric.


We came to realize that we are not just a handicraft supplier, nor a souvenir shop. Our work is to maximize our resources and potentials in helping to improve the life of disabled artisans, working towards a better and more equal society for all.


C2I is designed and organized to become part of an ecosystem of other Vietnamese social enterprises operating in the handicraft sector. C2I will differentiate its value proposition with respect to these organizations, but will have the possibility to leverage their available production capacity in case of high demand.


C2I is committed to re-invest the profit of its operations within the enterprise, in production groups (for activities like training or product development) and in projects aimed to ease the integration of disadvantaged people in the society.


C2I Vision:

C2I believes in the possibility of achieving a world where people have authentic equal social opportunities, regardless their physical condition, gender, ethnicity and economic means. C2I is determined to give a tangible contribution to this objective through its operations in Vietnam, helping disadvantaged individuals to improve their living conditions in the local community.

C2I Mission

C2I proves that poor women can create values with their passion and dedication through involving them in our supply chain of handicrafts products.

C2I is committed to operate its business:

  • Creating social opportunities and employment for disadvantaged people
  • Fulfilling the customer requirements
  • Managing its organization in a transparent and accountable way
  • Providing a fair remuneration to its suppliers and workers
  • Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for its employees
  • Preventing child labor and exploitation
  • Complying with fair trade principles
  • Maintaining a low financial risk profile, key for a sustainable and steady growth
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of the enterprise

   Craft to INSPIRE Office

    Room 602, 6th floor, Bao Viet Bld., No 8, Pham Ngoc Thach Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

    Copyright Craft To INSPIRE. All rights reserved
84-4 3 79 21 379






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